Kansas Surface Water Monitoring

Provided as a public service by
Kansas Department of Health and Environment

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KDHE monitors water quality conditions in streams and publically owned lakes and wetlands.
KDHE makes no assurances of the accuracy or validity of information presented on the following pages. The monitoring locations are approximate only.
The information is updated as data is avaiable. The data may be many years old.
Carefully consider the provisional or incomplete nature of these data before using them for decisions that concern personal safety or involves substantial monetary consequences.

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Street Basemap & 2012 NAIP Imagery provided by
Kansas Data Access and Support Center (DASC)
Stream & Lakes: Dec 15, 2012 KS Surface Water Register
with linework based off the USGS NHD (US Geological Survey - National Hydrography Dataset)
Monitoring Locations: KDHE Bureau of Water & Environmental Field Services

Web Map maintained by KDHE OTIS Geospatial Services.
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