Kansas Areas with Chloride Contamination

Provided as a public service by
Kansas Department of Health and Environment and Kansas Corporation Commission

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KDHE Bureau of Remediation is responsible to state-lead contaminated sties, voluntary sites, orphan sites and state-lead federal superfund sites. This data on the map is updated on a continuous basis.
KCC Abandoned Oil and Gas Well/Site Remediation Program is responsible to address problem of abandoned oil and gas wells and remediation sites related to oil and gas exploration and production activities.
KDHE and KCC make no assurances of the accuracy or validity of information presented on the following pages. The remediation locations are approximate only.
Carefully consider the provisional or incomplete nature of these data before using them for decisions that concern personal safety or involves substantial monetary consequences.

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Street Basemap & 2012 NAIP Imagery provided by
Kansas Data Access and Support Center (DASC)
KDHE Contaminated Sites: Bureau of Remediation, Remediation Section
KCC Contaminated Sites: Abandoned Oil and Gas Well/Site Remediation Program

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